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Executive Depth Coaching and Leadership Development Interpersonal Skills

We go deep to help leaders and professionals overcome their fears and unlearn old school programs that hold them back. From this place, they develop better relationships at work, with customers and loved ones.

"The edge of the unknown is where potential for your greatest growth resides. If YOU'RE scared, we can go there together."
-Rick W Hogan

Executive Coaching – Mixed-Gender Groups

We believe in the power of mixed gender, group coaching to accelerate growth due to its access to diversity, feedback and real time insight from other participants who have experience and become co-coaches. Participants become aware of how other people's behavior affects them and especially how their behavior affects others. As awareness builds, they begin to communicate with authenticity and develop better relationships at work, with customers and loved ones. Everybody wins!

"Group is the laboratory of life. What we learn here will be priceless on your journey."
-Rick W Hogan

Group Counseling and Life Coaching – Mixed-Gender Groups

We provide group counseling and life coaching for professionals who want to grow or need to heal. We take clients on a journey to find their authentic-self, free of bogus old programs and the fear of other people's opinions that hold them back. We discuss transition, relationships, dating, careers, family, environment and the growth that comes from change.

"Our groups are diverse in gender, color and personality but they are assessed and grouped with others at the same level on the same path so they can connect with empathy and support each other. They become a family."
-Rick W Hogan

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Inspiring, Fun, Events Connecting Single Professionals and Great Missions

Our event design and production company, Cloud9Show, produces intimate, fun and inspiring events combining speakers, artists, music and dance that provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

For sponsors, we enlist buy-in to their mission by utilizing the “human narrative” to add authenticity, give attendees a sense of “that’s me” or "I belong" and stir in music, art and dance to increase retention and inspire.

"In the love zone, you don't have to be alone. Together we can live and learn."
- Billy Ocean

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Success comes as a benefit of well-being.